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Saving Money With IaaS

If you’re still spending a fortune constantly expanding and maintaining your data centre, then it’s highly likely that the question “What is IaaS?” will still be unanswered to you. As your business continues to grow, your CRMs, project management and communication software (to name but a few) all need to be furnished with increasing database space and processing power in order to cope with the surging demands that you are placing on them. Unfortunately, the sky is not the limit when it comes to your data centre, and if you want to continue to grow, eventually you are going to be faced with the prospect of having to move to a larger facility in order to house your ever-expanding hardware stacks at great cost.

But there is another much more realistic, convenient and affordable option – IaaS. IaaS providers will give you access to increased capacity in remote large facilities for a low monthly fee. All you need to worry about is growing your business, and your IaaS provider worries about expansion and maintenance for you. You rent their data centre Infrastructure as a Service, leaving your business with the ability to stay put where it is, and yet become as large as you like.

Sound interesting? Let’s delve a little deeper, starting by answering the most important question first…

What Is IaaS?

There is nothing too complicated to get your head around when it comes to IaaS. Firstly, those four letters stand for Infrastructure as a Service, and all this really means is that users and businesses can rent cloud infrastructure – such as servers, storage and networking – as and when they need it using a pay-as-you-go model. Put simply, this means that there is no need to make large purchases of in-house hardware and software, as this can all be accessed remotely via an internet connection to a virtual environment – aka the cloud.

How To Save Money With IaaS

Whether you’re a fresh startup business or already in full swing and thinking about transitioning to IaaS, the savings that you can make are numerous and can be found across the whole service provided. Placing software and applications – which would normally be stored in and run on in-house data centres – on remote servers is the basic concept of IaaS. However, it’s not the actual renting of machines, but rather a non-committal pay-as-you-go rental of the services that are provided by the owners of the servers. Charges are accrued usually for usage and capacity. Most providers will have a minimum capacity unit and then will charge for processing time. It’s true that pricing will often look very similar when comparing IaaS providers, but the actual cost of usage may actually differ quite significantly depending on what exactly it is that you are planning to use the services for. Therefore, it is best practice to investigate how each vendor calculates the costs of your particular needs when shopping for the best deal.

5 Ways IaaS Can Save Your Business Money


When utilising IaaS, the security – both physical and digital – that you are furnished with will almost certainly be of far greater quality than what the typical business would be able to afford – or willing to pay for in-house. The added security that your IaaS supplier’s superior data centre infrastructure will be able to bring you will mean that your IT department can focus its resources on core competencies like software development and integration.


Security isn’t the only area in which savings can be made in terms of manpower. Indeed, the largest savings in this regard can be made in day-to-day server handling. Handing off management, rebooting, updating and patching of servers to an IaaS provider again frees up in-house IT personnel to help the business grow faster.

Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity

One of the greatest hidden costs for the modern day, business can be the Disaster Recovery program – unless, that is, they make use of the cloud. Reliable DR and BaaS (Backup as a Service) are not only hugely cost efficient, but also serve as a cast iron guarantee that your online business is absolutely protected should the unthinkable happen. Furthermore, a good IaaS provider will be able to produce an excellent availability and reliability history. Some may even operate data centres in geographically diverse locations, which means that they will be operating with backup data and capacity in locations that will not be affected by single, local disasters – so your data will always be recoverable, pretty much immediately.

Top Brains And Reliability

IaaS means that the services that you hire will be manned by the top brains in the cloud. This means that there will be no need to have to educate staff from scratch or indeed hire new, expensive technicians with particular skillsets. These experts will ensure that your services are running as smoothly as possible at all times.


If you’re an SMB or Large Enterprise, you will be hoping and planning for growth. As such the infrastructure capacity that you will need today will not be a patch on what you will require 1 year, 2 years and 5 years from now. With IaaS, rather than having to fork out a hefty sum for hardware that you won’t even be utilising until some time further down the line, you can simply rent what you need now, and scale up seamlessly as you go along, only ever paying for what you use and not a penny more. This type of payment model is also ideal for business planning, as you will be able to forecast your precise expenses on a month-in and month-out basis.

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